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Will my hubby get hurt if I tell him to style up a little?
Rich mzungu offered me Sh100,000 to sleep with my wife
I have a girlfriend but I am scared of settling down
Help, my wife started sleeping around immediately after our divorce
I was daft but my son is bright; is he really mine?
My ex drove my new lover away with insults
My ‘cougar’ girlfriend is driving me up the wall, calls me childish
Help: My wife quarrels and embarrasses me in public
I am tired of my husband coming home drunk
I have no idea who got me pregnant, who do I pin it on?
My man has refused to commit, how do I trap him?
How do I get my wife to shave her armpits?
Help! My husband is killing me with jig-jig every night
Affair? My poor feeder hubby eats Miss Mboch’s mashakura like a dog
Should I confess to my husband that our son is not his?
My wife is lazy in bed and is like a dead fish during lungula
Help: My hubby is killing me with ‘steamy bedroom marathons’ every night
I meet my husband’s workmate secretly, is he cheating on me too?
I found my best friend in my boyfriend’s house, naked
I was ‘kichwa maji’ in school but my son is bright? Did my wife cheat?
Uncle Ted: My hubby never gives salon money or buy me clothes
Does my husband think about his former girlfriend?
My wife is always posting skimpy pictures on Facebook
Uncle Ted, I found a policeman’s jacket in my mpango’s house
My ex drove my new lover away with insults
My fiancée wants to leave me because of fling with ‘mpango’
My fiancée wants to leave me because of a casual fling
My man doesn’t give me attention, he just watches movies
My ex wants to marry a woman who aborted once
My girlfriend doesn’t serve me food or wash my clothes
Why me? Eight of my chicks were impregnated by other men
My jealous boyfriend locks me in the house always, do I leave?
He has cheated on me three times but I still love him, should I say yes?
I am not the father of my girlfriend's child, I love her what do I do?
Help: I slept with two men hours apart, who do I pin my pregnancy on?
I’ve never dated a woman because I’m shy: Suicidal 29-year-old man
My hubby does not want me hanging panties on clothesline
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