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Covid-19 crisis: Cotu okays sacking of 50,000 farm workers without pay
Two married men slash each other to death after quarrelling over woman
Only one percent of Kenyan women own land- NLC
DPP on the spot as Solai dam case fails to start 18 months later
Keep off our children: Gilgil MP to ex-husband linked to Cohen's murder
Naivasha: Shock as dogs feast on corpse
Cops launch manhunt for prominent trader
Keroche breweries woes started in 2003
Anger as minor dies in illegal day care centre
Shopkeeper lynched over claims he defiled over 10 minors
Naivasha man runs over, kills his 2-year-old daughter in parking lot
Woman to serve life for murder of husband’s university lover
Shock as enraged Mai Mahiu mother sews son's lips
Police pounce on Bishop exhuming relatives' bodies
Drama as police raid estate, target witchdoctors in crackdown
Tears as judge sets free cop charged with Chelele's murder
Wife of man alleged to have committed suicide in custody found dead
Fisherman drowns in Lake Naivasha fleeing hippo
Giant hippo almost killed me - Naivasha fisherman
Grieving woman exhumes daughter in Naivasha, prays for resurrection
Concern as more bodies are dumped in Kinale forest
Shock as 'dead' Nyandarua man returns home after ‘burial’
Harrowing ordeal: Passengers stripped naked, robbed at gunpoint
Over 10 detectives raid Ngirita’s home, break into septic tanks, sewers
Grief: Body of Kenyan nurse stabbed to death in Germany arrives
Man loses both legs in hippo attack
Shock as man hangs self after his wife allegedly refuses to open door for him
Punda amechoka: Vets demand Kenya bans donkey meat
 Woman stabs her four-month baby to death 5 times in Gilgil
Man stabs pregnant wife 9 times
Panic as man dies while driving a trailer along Naivasha-Mai Mahiu road
ODM leader who shot at journalists in 2015 walks free
My enemies want me out of business: Gun drama Senator
Gun drama: Senator confronts youth and shoots in the air over Shell petrol closure
Not today! Naivasha teenager smashes TV after losing bet
Turning point: From capital offender to prison Principal
I've not had sex with my husband for 10 years- Wife of French man accused of sodomising Maasai man
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