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DP William Ruto’s son Nick and gospel singer Bahati land in chopper at Embakasi’s Soweto slum
Jamaican artiste Kevin Lyttle to perform at Nairobi’s B-Club
Bella Noel steals show in maiden club perfomance
Moses Kuria is just a friend - Millicent Omanga clarifies after they were spotted at book launch
EXCLUSIVE! Inside B-Club where champagne washes hands and Lamborghinis drop guests home
Business news presenter Terryanne Chebet’s crush confession
Paul Kagame’s children Ange and Ivan steal the show during World Economic Forum
Bungoma’s ‘richest’ 29-year-old Mr Moneybags offers money to registered voters
Singer Jaguar offers complimentary rehab to rapper Prezzo
Rapper Choku quits banking, tours Ireland
Radio host takes on war against drugs
PHOTOS: Meet billionaire Barry, the Nairobi car enthusiast who has all your dream cars in his front yard
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