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Manning up guide: Memo to boys masquerading as men
Teacher in dock charged with sodomising 11 pupils
Woman, 43, and daughter aged 19 driving netizens crazy with youthful looks
Drama as jailbird returns home to find wife sired with his brother
Man in court for forcing two neighbours to gulp jug of ‘busaa’ at gun point
Meet man who has been sharing bed with his wife’s remains for last 16 years
Twa twa twa: Drama as girl is kicked out at night for denying host nookie
Prostitutes gang up, beat client for protesting bad service
What comrades can learn from Kobe's life
Not all men who live under their parents’ roof are dumb
Hint to get second wife gets hubby beaten like drum
Brothers clobber Casanova who used and dumped sister
Drama as villagers unleash terror on ‘attention seeker’ for suicide attempt
Wife kicks out jobless in-law for idling, eating baby food
Cat and mouse: Man storms into in-law’s home to demand dowry
'Cleansing' women: How Kenyan 'mafisi' are riding on culture
Court frees man to go sharpen seduction skills
Man drives through church door, claims he’s possesed
How lodging manager made amorous man to pay for broken bed
Pretenders to the throne: Behind the flashy titles ‘waganga’ hold
Sawa shower: Why ladies take forever in the bathroom
Mombasa: Prostitutes confront pastor for failing to pay for services
Revealed: Albadiri, the revered religious curse that makes criminals insane
Two pints of beer better for pain relief than paracetamol – study
Girls, you can now buy 'virginity pills' to fake it on wedding night
Man invents pills that make farts smell like roses
Drunk lawyer appearing for drunk and disorderly charge client detained
Mombasa man kicks girl out at midnight for breaking wind
Migori man pees in bed to spite wife after she ‘feigned headache’
Village with no boy child to reward couple that will give birth to a son
Man eats expired food to prove expiry dates mean nothing
Man gets fined for scratching his face while driving
Nairobi mama nguos: Cleaning ladies' untold secrets revealed
Where Kenya's rich hide infidelity
Why Kenyan men fear dating taller women
VIDEO: Russian city hosts face-slapping championship
Tana River man in trouble for stealing police OB in fit of fury
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