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Idyllic Country home in Elementaita

Arts and Culture
 Residence of the Mungatana family. (Courtesy)

The odyssey to Elementaita unfolded as a grand expedition, each stretch of the winding road marking a chapter in the adventure that led to the elusive residence of the Mungatana family.

Perched majestically on a hill, their country home radiated the quintessence of an English countryside haven. The lush green surroundings embraced visitors in a serenity so profound that it felt like stepping into an alternate realm — a tranquil sanctuary, a haven away from the cacophony of urban life.

Nancy, a devoted mother who undertakes the noble task of home-schooling her five children, graciously opened the doors to a dwelling that embodied the concept of a “home away from home.”

The breathtaking panoramic views from the hill, adorned with scenic vistas and picturesque landscapes, provided a haven of peace amid the bustling chaos of daily life.

As we arrived at her abode, the architecture and style of Nancy’s home stood as a testament to exceptional authenticity. The stone walls bestowed upon it a rustic charm, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a classic English country retreat.

Welcomed by her five festive and joyous children, donned in elf hats that set the stage for a Christmas celebration, the atmosphere was nothing short of enchanting.

Nancy’s unique five-bedroom home, a testament to her distinct style, greeted visitors with a living room adorned in Christmas splendour. The carefully matched cutlery and festive décor added an extra layer of warmth to the already inviting ambience.

Six years prior, Nancy bid farewell to the academic world, venturing into the realms of farming and hoteliering.

Her pride and passion manifested in Lemon Valley Farm, a charming retreat nestled in the heart of Elementaita. Married to Ceasor Mungatana, the couple radiated happiness, and their home became a canvas for artistic expression.

The views from the porch painted a tranquil scene that seemed almost surreal. The levels of creativity were further exemplified by Nancy’s tailor-made furniture, crafted with exceptional uniqueness.

Grey velvet dining chairs adorned the space with sensational colour palettes and textures, while sink-in sofas offer a cosy haven for the Mungatana family. Handmade rugs on the floor, infused with upcountry vibes, complemented the overall décor, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

The ambience was heightened by the daughter’s enchanting Christmas serenade, showcasing a talent that left guests in awe. The Christmas season became a time of familial bonding and joyous craft-making, reflecting Nancy’s roles as both a mother and a teacher.

Huge windows framed mesmerising views of Lake Elementaita, while the azure sky above seemed like a dreamy canvas. The family, awakened by these breathtaking vistas, embraced their mornings with farming or horseback riding, adding an element of rustic charm to their daily routine.

The grandeur continued indoors, with a decadent table display tempting guests with delectable cupcakes. The rustic stonewall and high ceiling adorned with wooden beams contributed to the overall charm, enhanced by surreal pendant light fixtures.

A meal fit for royalty awaited, capping off a day filled with awe-inspiring scenery and serenading Christmas carols by the children.

In this charming country home on a farm in Elementaita, the Mungatana family unfolded as a beautiful tapestry, weaving together the elements of nature, tradition, and familial love into an enchanting masterpiece.

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