Zendaya and  John David Washington [Photo: Courtesy]

Cast: Zendaya, John David Washington.

Directed by: Sam Levinson

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rating: 5/10

A filmmaker (John David Washington) returns home with his girlfriend (Zendaya) following a celebratory movie premiere as he awaits what’s sure to be imminent critical and financial success. The evening suddenly takes a turn as revelations about their relationships begin to surface, testing the strength of their love.

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Thumbs up:

The concept is interesting, a film consisting of just two people and showing their relationship over the course of a single night, although it would have sufficed as a short film instead. The acting was good, the cinematography stunning with the black and white colour scheme throughout the film creating an artsy feel. Shooting in a gorgeous house obviously helped. It felt like a journey through Sam’s mind and life struggles, with Malcom (Sam as a producer) arguing with himself as Marie (Sam’s past as an addict) but that is just a speculation. Nonetheless, it made for a daring film that is bound to split audiences by a large margin.

Thumbs down:

The worst part of the movie was probably the plot regarding the critic. It was written from such a bitter place. The director obviously had a bad review from the LA Times probably the review for Assassination Nation. The back and forth arguing and fighting for its 106-minute run felt exhausting, but one could argue that it is the most realistic depiction of a real-life couple. It’s like a scene of an actual real couple going through a roller coaster of emotions. The yelling was, unfortunately, a bit much and will leave you feeling physically assaulted with all of the crude and violent language.

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Zendaya and Washington, are good enough to make it matter, but you will miss absolutely nothing by not watching it.