The Nun was released in 2018 [Photo: Courtesy]

With Halloween just a couple of days away and not much to do outdoors this year, there's plenty of scary films to keep you occupied.


The Nun (2018)

Scary and demonic nuns is all we needed to hear. You might recognise the nun from the film 'The Conjuring 2'.Investigating the death of a young nun in Romania, a troubled priest and his novice associate confront an evil force on their journey to the truth. 

The Lie (2020)

Amazon Studios & Blumhouse Television have teamed up for a series of four unique, unsettling thrillers that showcase original genre stories from a diverse cast and filmmakers. Featuring famous faces Mireille Enos and Joey King, The Lie follows a teenage girl who has jus confessed to killing her best friend, her desperate parents then do everything they can to cover up the horror.

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30 Days Of Night (2007)

Set in an isolated town in chilling Alaska, 30 Days of Night already has the recipe for all the suspense and horror. For 30 days every winter, this remote town is plunged into complete darkness - the perfect opportunity for flesh-sensing vampires to run wild.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

This classic is one to watch for a good nostalgic scare and based on a purportedly true event, The Blair Witch Project is one to watch. Three student filmmakers head to the woods to document their findings on the Blair Witch legend. In the end, all that is left is the footage and it's pretty terrifying.

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The Lullaby (2018)

When new mother Chloe is trying to get into the swing of her new life, she begins to suffer from post-natal depression. Hearing strange songs, seeing weird beings and generally beginning to lose her mind, all whilst doing her best to protect her new baby. A twisted thriller well worth the watch.

The Clovehitch Killer (2019)

A young boy finds his Fathers disturbing pornography stash hidden in the outhouse, what's more disturbing is now he thinks his Dad might be an infamous killer. He teams up with peer who is just as eager to find out the horrific truth as he is.

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Paranormal Activity (2009)

There's been plenty of sequels released since the first in 2009, but the original Paranormal Activity will always be a true classic. 

With POV recording and a 'found footage' style of cinematography, Paranormal Activity follows a young couple who fear their home is haunted, so they set up cameras around their home to capture all of the strange happenings that go on.