Chloe x Halle [Photo: Courtesy]

2020 couldn’t be looking any brighter for sisters Chloe x Halle. Riding high on their critically acclaimed album ‘Ungodly Hour’, their latest achievement has been marked by a collabo with none other than international designer Fendi.

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For the first time ever, the Italian brand let the talent take complete creative control. The result? An out-of-the-box campaign titled ‘MeAndMyPeekaboo’, shot entirely in their backyard. With quite the CV to deserve the collabo, the sister duo is on a roll, whether it’s dropping hits, casually being mentored by Beyoncé or getting cast for the silver screen.

A team effort comprising art director Andrew Makadsi, videographer Derek Milton, photographer Julian Dakdouk and celebrity stylist Zerina Akers, the sisters showcase Fendi pre-fall 2020 looks as they pose at their tennis court and swim in a pool with their Peekaboo bags.

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The best part about is that the wait is finally over and the new peekaboo bags are now available worldwide in select stores.