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Kenyan celebrities who don't take alcohol

 Kenyan celebs who don't drink.

It is almost impossible to stay sober in the entertainment industry considering most of the time you're heavily surrounded by booze. While we have many celebrities who don't shy away from a tasty bottle of wine or a shot or two of whiskey, we have some who have made it a personal choice to avoid alcohol.

It's not just in Kenya where we have celebrities who abstain from alcohol, there are other global celebrities who can't even stand it. Some of these global celebrities include Kim Kardashian West, Chris Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Tyra Banks, Zack Efron, Brad Pitt and Eminem to mention a few. Probably some of them have had a rough experience with alcohol that has made them booze intolerant, anyway that is a story for another day.

Khaligraph Jones

Even with his hype personality, the OG doesn't take alcohol. He made a choice at a young age not to take alcohol and so far he has managed to keep that promise to himself. The dapper rapper disclosed that he chose not to drink at the age of 12. "Choosing to drink or not to is a personal decision. I made mine when I was 12. I am comfortable not sipping a glass of beer, fanta is my only drug. "

Hamisa Mobetto

The model and style entrepreneur does not indulge in alcohol and keeps it locked to soft drinks. It could be that being a mother makes her want to be an amazing example to her kids but she is clean of alcoholic beverages by choice. The mother of two once shared a pic on her Instagram page drinking water and captioned, "Maji ya kunywa. Bado sinywi pombe. "

Jane Mukami

Jane Mukami likes to keep a healthy lifestyle and with that she abstains from any alcoholic beverages. She says that her ideal man is one who has a wholesome lifestyle, just like her, one that involves working out, eating healthy and doesn't drink alcohol.

Victor Wanyama

The Kenyan football superstar prefers to keep his body free of any substance that may compromise his career as a football star, unlike many sportsmen who have taken pride in an expensive bottle of booze.


The 'Nikipate' crooner has been one who promotes teetotalism. He believes that drinking alcohol is a waste of money that he could use on better things. In an interview, Octopizzo said, "I have more important things to do with money other than spend it on drinking. "

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King Kaka

He doesn't mind serving his guests with alcoholic beverages but avoids it like a plague. The reason he never drinks is that he simply has no particular interest in alcohol.

DJ Joe Mfalme

He is not a fan of booze or any hard drinks. DJ Joe survives on water and Redbull during night events.

Larry Madowo

Though he is constantly photographed holding drinks, the BBC journalist revealed that he doesn't imbibe in any alcohol.


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