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Why Wangechi’s friend, Tiona, is in a “better place”

Local News

Tiona, Wangechi's friend

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

As Kenyan rapper Wangechi and her friend Tewa recuperate in hospital, following the drastic accident which left their car a mangled wreck, many Kenyans are wishing them safe recovery under the tags #PrayForWangechi and #PrayForTewa.

It was however sad that the other lady Tiona who had been riding with them passed on while still in ICU at the hospital. But even as friends wish her soul eternal peace, it seems that Tiona had been battle suicidal thoughts for quite a while.

A close look at her personal blog revealed that she had tried committing suicide a while back and the fact that she had lost both parents did not make it any easier.

To further affirm her struggles, she mentioned that she was only twenty but life had given her much more than many 32 year olds had seen. Life had thrown struggles, pain and disappointment her way and all she wanted was to go and be with her mother.

Well here is her Faite post extract from her blog. (http://demitionna.tumblr.com/post/97365373092/faite)

“Lately, I’ve been thinking of the time I was suicidal.. There really isn’t anything good about that time. I don’t recall a happy moment or a time I smiled. I was just... Dead, I guess. I was literally numb to everything; I had no one to talk to. Im an only child with two parents that are gone. The only thing I have left are my thoughts.. Which aren’t good. I keep of thinking on that day... Maybe I should have continued to cut myself.. Maybe I should have killed myself when I had the chance; I should have just grown some balls and cut my wrist in peace. I really don’t feel like there’s anything in this life for me. It’s like one bad thing happening after the other to me... I’m only 20 and I’ve seen life more than any 32 year old has..and I hate that. Why does it have to be struggle after struggle for me? Pain after pain, disappointment after effort.. It’s like God is giving me a sign to end my suffering..to just go and be with my mother... Isn’t death supposed to be peaceful? Isn’t heaven place to be one with yourself? I’m not sure but I’m curious enough to find out.”

Well, death may not have been the ultimate answer but perhaps Tiona is in a better place and all we can do is pray that her soul rests in peace.


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