An 82-year-old woman was pronounced dead at a nursing home but found to be breathing three hours later at the funeral home where she had been taken.
By AP Feb. 7, 2023
His representative confirmed his death to Rolling Stone on Tuesday but a cause of death was not immediately disclosed.
By AP Dec. 29, 2022
Her death was first made public by her producer and spouse Claude Mashala.
Given a chance, Sandra said she would happily take the opportunity of seeing them again, even if it's for an hour.
By Diana Anyango Dec. 1, 2022
Sources say the three-year-old boy drowned in a swimming pool at his father's residence located at Banana Island in Lagos State.
By Standard Entertainment Nov. 1, 2022
A budding Kalenjin artiste died of an abdominal injury, a post-mortem report has revealed.
By Julius Chepkwony Oct. 3, 2022
A minor under the age of 18 and a woman were taken into custody Tuesday, according the Los Angeles Police Department.
By AP Sep. 29, 2022
Babu Tale has announced the death of his baby mama just two years after losing his first wife.
By Diana Anyango Sep. 6, 2022
Higher tea intake — two or more cups daily — was linked to a modest benefit: a 9% to 13% lower risk of death from any cause vs. non-tea drinkers.
By AP News Aug. 30, 2022
The woman was crumpled on the floor of a mangled Mercedes, unconscious and struggling to breathe.
By AP Aug. 29, 2022
Kenyans are mourning the untimely death of gospel hip-hop rapper Anthony Ng'ang'a aka Ngashville, of the Wernono family.
By Aug. 22, 2022