The proposal made Thursday means that venues no longer would need a license to organize dances. Instead, as a general rule, they would only have to register with the police.
By AP Jan. 14, 2023
The Los Angeles coroner said Boss’ cause of death was suicide.
By AP Dec. 15, 2022
In the past, the mere sight of members of the group performing the Gule Wamkulu ritual dance would have sent shivers down the spine of many outsiders.
By AP Nov. 17, 2022
This year, we have seen dance videos, watched stories unfold, cried with some artistes, and partied to bangers.
By Mkala Mwaghesha Nov. 11, 2022
The Mashujaa Day celebrations held at Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park featured performances of patriotic songs by popular artistes and cultural dances by people from varying ethnicities
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By Kirsten Kanja Oct. 20, 2022
The artistes who appeal to different demographics join a big list of entertainers in what will be President William Ruto’s first public day address since he took an oath of office a month ago
The dancer and one of the most followed TikToker in Kenya has become a household name.
By Boniface Mithika Sep. 29, 2022
The book of Psalms uses the metaphor of a shepherd’s care for his sheep to describe the wisdom, strength and kindness of our God.
By Washington Onyango Sep. 19, 2022
The Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda has banned artistes from performing in schools for promoting immorality.
By Wandia Wadear Aug. 2, 2022