She does everything on a grand scale. If it’s not designer or expensive, it won’t cut it for the stunning socialite whose itinerary in a day could be anything from a spa visit, sipping champagne on a yacht down at the Caribbean or in one of the places she calls home, California.

Neutral and white colours create a calming presence, which allows accessories to stand out.

For a balanced room, play with different levels of price and craftsmanship. This will help statement pieces get noticed more.

For a homely feel, mixing contemporary and modern pieces to leave the space feeling serene.

It is easy to gravitate towards safer décor options, but unlike Vera who pushes boundaries, go for patterns, textures and colour.

To divide an open plan space into separate areas, let the furniture do the work for you. A large L-shaped sectional and area rugs that define spaces and seating that can move easily from one “zone” to another if you have company.

 Vera in California

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