"Aki I give up on this pozee," wrote a fan.

Controversial Kenyan singer Willy Paul is at it again.

The singer, who was once famed in the gospel scene, has dropped a new song, ‘Lamba Nyonyo’ translating to lick breasts.

The song, uploaded on YouTube on July 30 has already garnered around 40, 000 views.  But the reception has not been largely positive with many Kenyans expressing disappointment at his new release.

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Francis Awiti Since Willy Paul crossed over to secular, Ethic became his role models.

Oganga Khadudu When you thought Willy Paul can’t get any weirder. Nimeendea nyonyo nakam.

Vinnie Vinna Ile heaven utaona ni mtoto wa bahati tu.

Halladba Renssuh Aki I give up on this pozee

Listening to the track, one couldn’t shake off the feeling that Willy Paul is aping the new breed of artistes including Ethic, who’s ‘Lamba Lolo’ hit thrust them into stardom.

“Am I the only one who has noticed that Willy Pozze is trying to copy the wamlambez s***? A fan commented on the song.

Interestingly, comedian and MC Jalang’o, who was Willy Paul’s official MC,  tendered in his resignation in the comment section saying, “Waaaaaaa...My boss I hereby tender my resignation...hii imenishinda boss...I hope you will understand...Meanwhile nalamba nyonyo.”

Pozzee had approached Jalang’o to be his official MC, offering him Sh400,000 in cash and a fat cheque.

Do you consider Willy Paul a gospel musician?

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