President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto shake hands with former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar
DP Ruto is busy strategizing on the 2022 polls. He has gone all out to ensure that he bags the seat In the recent past he has courting as many opposition leaders as he can

It is not in doubt that Deputy President William Ruto is a shrewd politician.

As most politicians are losing sleep over the election on October 26, the DP is spending most of his time worrying about the 2022 polls.

He is going all out to ensure that he bags the seat by courting as many opposition leaders as he can.

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar admitted that Ruto called him after he lost the race for governor.

Another governorship loser in Bungoma made a similar claim. 

Grapevine understands that the DP has contacts of even MCAs from the remotest corner of the nation, and he has personally called a handful of them.  

Elsewhere on the grapevine

 Going by his utterances in the past, West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo does not mince his words.

 The county boss, despite being highly educated (he is the only professor of Applied Mathematics from his county) is always in touch with his heritage and has no qualms dressing in animal skin and a traditional Pokot cap made from black ostrich feathers.

But early this week, the Governor hit the headlines after he banned women staff in the county from wearing miniskirts and trousers and directed men to wear ties on duty.

"Workers can easily be mistaken for criminals and arrested. We want you to be neat,” he said.

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