There is nothing that irks passengers more than losing luggage in a matatu.

What can drive you to the wall is when the mathree crew are not willing to help you trace your lost property.

When you report this case, the tout will rudely refer you to the Weka mizingo yako poa sticker in the ‘mat.’

Luckily, most mathrees have installed CCTV cameras to beef up security.

And now, a mathree has gone a step further to ensure security is tip-top.

World Boss, a mathree that plies Ngong-Road keeps its CCTV footages for more than year.

How cool is that!

“The camera is installed at the door. Unlike other mathrees, we have a hard disk that can store footage for more than a year, thus we can trace lost luggage in case complaints.

This has worked magic and attracted passengers,” Ken Omondi, one of the crew told Ma3 Culture.