Mike Sonko

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has welcomed the possibility former presidential aspirant Peter Kenneth vying for the Nairobi governor’s seat.

The Senator told The Nairobian “I’m ready to go to the polls not only with him (Peter Kenneth) but any other candidate who feels the need to vie for the seat. It is not my city as the good people of Nairobi will decide who they want to steer them for the next five years after the 2017 elections.”

The Senator, who has been vocal in exposing corruption allegations within the County government, however warned aspirants popping out of the blue and claiming to have solutions for the county.

“The people of this city know who has had their interests at heart and will not be taken for a ride. Its laughable when some characters pop out of the blue and claim to have an interest in leading Nairobi. Let them be reminded that this is the regional hub and only those who know the sufferings of the residents can manage to run it. Even the current Governor has done nothing but make the life of city residents unbearable.

“The business environment is hostile because the county government keeps playing with tax payers’ money.”

Sonko further claims that there are efforts to bring ‘projects’ into the race to divide votes and cause confusion.

“I’m aware that my opponents are in planning to fund dummy nominees so as to split the vote.

“But let them know that Nairobi is not an easy county to manipulate. Let them ‘projects’ come and we square it out in the polls,’ Sonko warned.

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