Being a creative or artistic person is not a choice. Rather, is a gift.
By Muhunyo Maina Jun. 20, 2022
Traditional modes of artistic talent and design ability are still heavily sought after in the general job market, even in today’s modern digital world.
This total lack of government accountability made Kenya the laughingstock of the global art world.
By Muhunyo Maina Jul. 3, 2022
The main contention over these items is of course, how they got into Western museums in the first place.
Our citizens have contributed greatly to the globe not just because of our economic standing but because of the uniqueness of our people’s character and their talents.
Our leaders are indeed far from perfect, and time and time again they have failed to lead us in a manner that deserves or warrants our respect.
By Muhunyo Maina Sep. 18, 2022
Nyokabi’s music is not popular pop music or radio Gengetone. It is what Nyokabi refers to as African Art Music.
For a long time, Kenya’s creatives have been overlooked, and it is encouraging to see attitude towards artistes softening.
From his beginnings as a euphonium player in the salvation army band as a teenager, Mutsembi has honed his craft to become one of the most skilled instrumentalists in the country.
There are plenty of exciting art exhibitions set to take place in December.
There are countless other genres of popular music in Kenya that have their roots beyond our shores, and yet, are quintessentially Kenyan.
By Muhunyo Maina Dec. 4, 2022