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5 Reasons why some married women fear beautiful single women


The insecurity some married women show is out of this world. Some have been known to pester single pretty women till they leave the plot or even the entire estate. They will have all sought of complains about the beautiful single woman in house 7c.They will have issues with how she wears a hot pant and fetches water yet "tuna watoto".News flash! It's a fat lie; they fear that their husbands will see such well moisturized and shapely thighs. Here are the real reasons why married women dread pretty young singles.

1. Fear that baba watoto will be attracted to this woman, have a serious relationship with her and who knows, he can even leave her with the kids. It’s terrifying.

 2. The extreme fisi behavior of their husbands. Some husband’s affinity to women cannot be measured. They have babies with the maid, their wives best friends and the wife has spent all her marriage years fighting other women. The sight of a beautiful woman near her man sends chills down her spine.

3. In case the married woman "amechapa sana", after just a few years or many years of marriage, beautiful women will automatically terrify her. She will be insecure about women with great bodies, without a wobbly stomach, stretch marks and a very fat body like hers. Their beauty will remind her of her hey days before age; babies and a lazy lifestyle had a toll on her. She will therefore hate, be angry and avoid these pretty women at all cost.

 4. The predatory ways of some gorgeous women. Some pretty women are not nice, polite and respectful to marriage. Some have had failed relationships and come out as bitter and vengeful. They plot on how to snatch husbands in order to massage their self-esteem. They will never turn down a married man. It doesn't matter whether he is relative's husband, a friend's husband or even a stranger. Why wouldn't a married woman be terrified with such a predator?

5. Pretty women arouse inferiority complex of "not being good enough". A pretty face makes some women with deep insecurities feel they are not good enough. Even if they are in stable relationships, their spouses treat them like queens and he does not turn his head to look at the curvy woman passing by, there will always be that feeling. That’s why you will see women disdain women who are attractive than them. They will say their hairstyle is off, their dress isn't good and their make-up is not of a good shade. Such negative comments help them cope and feel better than the pretty woman they believe is better than them.  It's important to note that beauty is not everything. Had it been at the center of all relationships, then celebrities would never be in divorce courts. Character is everything and that's what counts.

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