Diamond Platinumz                       Photo:Courtesy

Since his “Mbagala” hit back in the day to date when hits like “Sankoro” and “Ntampata wapi” are going international, one cannot refute the fact that Diamond Platnumz has risen to become one of the finest East African stars yet.

His rise has seen him beat Tanzania music kingpins like Mr. Nice and Ali Kiba who had reigned supreme in bongo land.

But with fame, comes criticism.  With the rift and hatred between #TeamDiamond, #TeamAlikiba camps, it is clear that Diamond’s haters have not rested in trying to pull him down.

Some went as far as requesting that a Nigerian artist wins the MTV award so that Diamond can get off his ‘high horse’. Others took it a notch higher by claiming that his rise to the top was due to witchcraft and black magic.

However the star recently addressed the allegations during a radio show in Tanzania. He emphasized that he had grown up knowing that witchcraft is against God’s doctrines and as such would never practice it.

Swali: Unadhani Diamond anaamini uchawi

Diamond: “ Japokuwa vitabu vya dini vinasema ‘ndele’ zipo lakini haupaswi kuamini… Kuamini ni sawa na kumkiuka Mwenyezi MUNGU ”