Rayvanny [Photo: Courtesy]

Singer Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, better known by his stage name Rayvanny, has come out to clarify claims of uncertainty over his future at Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB).

During an interactive session on Wasafi TV with his fans, the Tetema hit-maker denied reports doing rounds that he was planning to exit the Diamond Platnumz's owned label.

Vanny boy, as he often goes by, had been asked by a curious fan as to which record label he was planning to switch to now that word on the street had it that he was on his way out.

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In response, the father of one said his ties with WCB were for life but should he exit, he cannot be under another label but would launch his own.

“Before I even say a word, Vanny Boy and Wasafi are for life. I want to first thank my management, WCB Wasafi; I greatly thank Diamond Platnumz for the far I have come. If I decide to have a label, I can even have about five of them. So, there is no way that I am leaving Wasafi to go to another label. Maybe I own about 10 labels under my name,” he said.

Rayvanny’s affirmation to stick with the label that he signed under in 2015 and released his first single dubbed Kwetu a year later come barely a week after singer Bahati called out Harmonize to ‘repair’ his relationship with WCB CEO, Platnumz.

According to Bahati, even though Harmonize left the record label and successfully launched his Konde Gang crew, he should always remember where he came from and appreciate those who held his hand when he had nothing.

Taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old Barua hitmaker urged Harmonize to respect the fact that Platinumz played a major role in his success.

“We don’t forget how we have been helped just because we’ve become stars, no! Don’t bite the hand that fed you. And if you’ve happened to read the Bible in Ephesians 6:2, my religion teaches me to honour my parents and in this case, #WCB is your father and mother,” he wrote.

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Although beefing is the order of the day among artistes as acknowledged by Bahati, according to him, Harmonize does not have to subscribe to it.

“You don’t have to create one with Diamond to be at the top. His mistakes cannot be compared with the kind heart that pushed him to pick you up from the streets and made you who you’re today. God used him to introduce you to the world. Apologise and walk away with your blessings bro,” he said.