Cassper Nyovest [Photo: Courtesy]

Can cyber-activism change the world?

This is the question some of Cassper Nyovest's fans are grappling with after the South African rapper took on activists propelling change through campaigns on social media.

According to Nyovest, engagements on issues need not be virtual.

He tweeted that online drives do not achieve desired results, proof of which, he said, are in repeated calls by such to spur change.

The Mahiken-born rapper opined that the platforms are ‘too shallow to dissect complex issues’ and that the ‘world cannot be changed through tweets’.

“Time and again we get on these social media platforms to explain ourselves to people who don't want to understand us. If we ever meet in person, we will get to know each other. These platforms are too shallow to dissect anything complex. You can't change the world through a tweet,” he tweeted.

A position that drew mixed reactions with some of his followers accusing him of suppressing and disillusioning voices fighting for change on social media.


To others however, the rapper was spot on. Inactivity on the ground where, say injustices occur, effect much save for viral attention.