Billnass and Nandy.

Bongo hip-hop artist William Lyimo aka Billnass has once again come out clean about his alleged relationship with Tanzanian songstress Faustina Charles Mfinanga aka Nandy.

Speaking to a Tanzanian blog, the rapper said that their relationship ended ages ago and he has since moved on with someone else. According to Billnass, Nandy is now just a colleague in the music industry.

“Hakuna kitu kama hicho. Ni kweli nipo kwenye uhusiano wa kimapenzi, lakini siyo na Nandy,” he said.

The two were rumoured to be back together after they released a song together dubbed Bugana.  

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After the song was released, Billnass was quick to clarify that he is not back with the songstress, adding that they are just good friends and their relationship is purely work-related.

“Unajua Nandy ni mshkaji wangu sana, nashindwa hata nikuambie nini, kwa sababu tangu tumeachana tumekuwa marafiki wazuri na yote ni kwa sababu ya kazi tu hakuna kingine, hivyo mara nyingi tumekuwa tukisapotiana,” he said.


The two were lovers before they parted ways towards the end of 2017. Throughout their relationship, the two artists managed to keep their romance from the public until it emerged that they were no longer together.

In an interview last year, Billnass explained how his relationship with Nandy ended and the reason why they decided to call it quits.

Billnass and Nandy.

“Nandy and I broke up in 2017, actually a few months earlier, it’s just that we never made it official until the end of 2017. There were so many reasons why we couldn’t continue dating, one being that I was still in school and was trying to you know…. finish and all that,” he said.

“At the same time she had just entered a music competition that needed her attention, so yeah, just that and many other things I can’t say in detail,” he added.

However, in a candid interview with Times FM, Nandy revealed that at some point, they were expecting a child together. However, the Aibu hitmaker disclosed that she suffered a miscarriage.

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The singer further revealed that Billnass may have brought her some over-the-counter medicine to intentionally get rid of the pregnancy but she had since forgiven him.

“Yes, ni kweli nilikuwa na ujauzito wake, lakini kuna dawa ambazo aliniletea za vitu vingine kabisa, lakini hatukuweza kujua kama ingeweza kusababisha ujauzito kuharibika. So ile ilini disappoint sana, maana hatukuwa na nia mbaya na kiumbe” explained Nandy.

In 2018, Nandy and Billnass landed in trouble with authorities in Tanzania after their intimate video leaked online. The two left tongues wagging over their 18+ rated video that was filmed in 2016.

“Napenda kuchukua nafasi hii kuwaomba radhi sana sana familia yangu, ndugu zangu, mashabiki wangu na serikali kwa kilochotokea ...bado siko sawa… naomba mniombee uzima,” wrote Nandy.