The Gaffe of the Year goes to South Africa’s Communication Minister [Photo: Courtesy]

It’s just the second month of 2020 but we already have the gaffe of the year…and it goes to South Africa’s Communication Minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams!

In an interview with eNCA on Wednesday, February 19, Ndabeni was not amused when she was questioned over claims she spent public funds to commemorate her wedding anniversary with husband Thato Abraham in Switzerland.

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“What do you think?” She fired back at the news anchor.

“I have said on this matter that I have never been to Switzerland, my husband has never been Switzerland. We went to Geneva and New York, to of course do the work that I’m expected to do!”

“It’s a blatant lie,” she continued, “And as a journalist please make your own investigation…” 

She went on a shopping spree with her husband [Photo: Courtesy]

She went on to state that she believes that the media is out to get her with a smear campaign.

Well, it’s public knowledge that Geneva is the second most popular city in Switzerland.

The trip reportedly took place in September 2019 first to France where she went on a shopping spree with her husband while being driven by a private chauffeur in a luxurious car.

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According to Government documents, the couple did, in fact, attend conferences in New York and Geneva but did not represent SA in an official capacity.

Following the interview, Twitter users started making a mockery of Ndabeni- Abrahams' apparent blunder immediately the video started circulating. Here are some of the reactions: