Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi.

Tanzanian singer and songwriter Vanessa Mdee is over the moon with her new found love. The veteran singer shared photos of herself with Rotimi of the Power TV series at the Tyler Perry studios.

The seemingly happy ‘Kisela’ hit maker wrote “He made Wednesday bring bae to work day.”

In another incident, the new lovebirds posted a picture embracing each other, all smiles.

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi.

“This place is huge, Tyler Perry is a legend brother! This is just one sound stage you are seeing,”  Mdee captioned one video.

This comes a few days after Vanessa’s ex-lover Juma Jux stated that he was thrilled that the singer had found love, adding that he was happy for her.

Mdee's post.

“I am happy she found love in Rotimi. I was waiting for the day she will be happy. You know when it comes to love one person moves on after a breakup and one remains and so when I saw she has moved on, in all honesty, I was happy,” he said.

The former East Africa’s Got Talent judge not long after confirmed the relationship, which had been a secret for a while.

Vanessa explained that she and Rotimi respect each other and would like to keep their relationship private.

Rotimi, is a singer and actor who features on the Power TV series, directed and produced by American rapper Curtis Jackson alias 50 Cent.