Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba has sparked mixed reactions after telling off Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) records’ Diamond Platnumz.

It all started after Diamond Platnumz sarcastically asked Harmonize and Ali kiba to perform for the upcoming Wasafi Festival to be held in Dar es Salaam on November 9.

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According to Kiba, Diamond has been doing wrong deeds against him, and inviting him to his festival is akin to abuse. Taking to Instagram, the 'Mwana' hitmaker told Diamond not to involve him in childish games.

“Usiniletee mambo ya darasa la pili unaniiibia penseli alafu unanisaidia kutafuta. Unikome,” wrote Kiba.

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The ‘Lupela’ singer also claimed that if he was to expose Diamond for the things, he has done against him (Kiba), no one would attend the festival.

“Mwanaume huwa anaongeaga mara moja tu sasa ukitaka nikuweke uchi watu wajue unayonifanyia hata kwenye hilo tamasha hatokuja mtu sasa tuishie hapo nakutakia tamasha njema @diamondplatnumz #KingKiba,” added Ali Kiba.

In the alleged invite to perform during the much publicized Wasafi Festival, Diamond had mentioned that his Manager, Babu Tale, wouls like Ali Kiba to perform at the festival.

An undated photo of Ali Kiba and Diamond. Photo: Courtesy.

Na kama unavyo jua anakuwa (Harmonize) na ratiba tofauti lakini lakini agenda yetu na furaha yetu ni kuwa agenda yake itakua flexible naye awepo. Boss Tale alikuwa Marekani alinipigia simu kuniomba Ali pia awepo," said Diamond in a video shared by Bongo Five.

For years, Diamond and Kiba have been perceived to be great rivals in Bongo Flava music, with each alleging to be greater than the other.

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The two have never worked on any project despite many calls from fans to have them end their 'enmity' by doing a collabo.

Recently, Diamond's perceived rivals ‘increased’ in number after Harmonize ditched his record label, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) to form his own, Konde Music Worldwide. Since then, neither Harmonize nor Diamond is supporting each other as they used to, including sharing each other's new songs on their social media handles.