Zodwa Wabantu [Photo: Courtesy]

South African personality, socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu found herself in a rock and a hard place over her anti-xenophobia remarks.

It all started when the controversial entertainer and reality TV host took to social media to slam the xenophobic attacks that have erupted across Mzansi, South Africa.

She shared a series of Instagram videos, claiming South Africans were lazy and taking from people who were trying to make ends meet.

“Our sisters and brothers are lazy. They are taking from people who are really doing something about their lives.

“As South Africans, this is so wrong. This is not xenophobia; this is not about us hating our brothers and sisters from other countries. This is people taking things from people who are working hard. I hate it,” she wrote.

Her sentiments did not settle well with the natives who called her out, claiming that she should just stick to dancing.

Zodwa Wabantu [Photo: Courtesy]

They claimed that she was meddling in matters she knows nothing about.

Others, however, lauded her bold stance against hate and rising xenophobic attacks in the country.

“Best you stick to comments on your profession of “ndunu” and menu”. Wazini nge hard work vs laziness. If you were such a hard worker try reading books. Leave politics and other environmental matters you are too little to understand,” one user by the name rosamariapb commented. While @highlyfavoured70 felt others “Zodwa I love u cause u are genuine, not fake , you are the only SA celebrity who has made a live about this, May the Almighty continue to bless you... Peace.”

The xenophobic attacks which erupted in parts of Gauteng in S.A earlier this week have dominated headlines across the world and have seen various celebrities in Africa speak out against it on social media.

Closer home, Tanzanian Bongo star Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, better known by his stage name Rayvanny, has released a new single on what is happening in South Africa.

In the song titled ‘Africa (no xenophobia)’ Rayvanny sang, We are the children mama Africa…Stop burning and killing Africa…Now my heart is crying for my Africa…Baba Lord bless my Africa.”