Elections 2017

Election humour: How Kenyans waited for IEBC's big announcement

(Photo Courtesy, Facebook)

Since Election Day on 8, August, Kenyans had been anticipating the big announcement by IEBC on who will be the next Head of State.

However, there wasn't a dull moment as Kenyans took to social media to ease the anxiety using memes and hashtags.

It started with the ‘Githeri Man’, now there are memes about the outcome of the long wait.

Who will it be Here’s what’s trending now: 

(Photo Courtesy)
(Photo Courtesy, Facebook)

BBC Africa tweeted this update, 

@BBCAfrica on Twitter

A Kenyan on Twitter (#KOT) was quick to respond to BBC Africa with a 'correction' asking them to use a different image. 

@Droid254 on Twitter

Even BBC Africa couldn't ignore the comic relief and indulged the 'tweep'. 

@BBCAfrica responds to @Droid254

But who could it be Kenyans seem to find the suspense by IEBC quite amusing:

(Photo Courtesy, Facebook)
@RBudhdev on Twitter

IEBC Chairman Ezra Chiloba finally announced Uhuru Kenyatta as the President-Elect and his running mate William Ruto as the Deputy President-Elect.

Uhuru Kenyatta declared winner