Elections 2017

Wake up Kenyans, there’s an elephant in the room

Events of the past few months point to a very systematic plot to destabilise the country. From the happenings in court to the unnecessary pressure being exerted on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), all is not well. The structural weakness and lack of sufficient accountability mechanism in the Judiciary and the overall defective criminal justice system has created an appetite by external and internal interests to influence a change in the country. Such dangerous clandestine external policies have been effected elsewhere like in 1970s in Chile where there was a regime change as a result of such plots.

In Kenya, there was an attempted coup in the early 1980s where some people lost their lives in a clandestine move to remove a civilian Government. The question we must be asking as Kenyans is, could there be a possibility of some echelon in security apparatus, especially intelligence, being compromised Chances are that there is slackness within the our security circles that has allowed some unscrupulous individuals to try influence key Government apparatus. The current trend in the High Court rulings, extending from Mombasa to Nairobi, whereby IEBC has been put under siege, is wanting.

The role of the Judiciary is to administer justice for the interest of the public but instead we have seen the opposite. Kenyans have suffered before as a result of election and this should not be allowed to happen because of political competition. Daniel Munyambu, is a former councilor in Basildon, Essex in the UK.