Tension in Transmara after unknown arsonists burn 10 houses

Tension is high at Pimbiniet and Olopirik areas along the border of Transmara East and West in Narok County after unknown arsonists torched 10 houses in a Monday night incident.

The incident that happened between 9pm and 11pm left over six families homeless following suspected conflict between Kipsigis and Maasai communities.

According to Transmara East OCPD Ambrose Hongo, the incident happened when most residents had slept, adding that security agencies from both sides are in the process of identifying the arsonists.

"It was round 9pm and 11pm when unknown assailants torched eight houses in Transmara East and two in Transmara West. We were called, we rushed there and we restored the situation. The situation is now calm," said Hongo.

He said no arrests have so far been made but investigations into the incident have been launched and a contingent of officers from the two police divisions have mounted intense patrols along the border of the two warring communities.

The incident happens barely weeks after area security committee warned residents against owning crude weapons.

Narok County Commissioner Moffat Kangi issued shoot-to-kill orders on residents sighted with crude weapons such as arrows, spears and even guns as clashes erupt between two communities living in Transmara East and West recently.

The Commissioner issued the orders after a land feud involving Maasai and Kipsigis communities living in Njipship and Pimbiniet areas leaving five people dead and 20 houses torched.

"This country is not lawless where one can walk freely with bows, arrows. From today, should anyone sighted with such weapons be shot by the police, let him blame no one as some of you have been boasting that they can kill at will and police will do nothing," warned Kangi.

He acknowledged that the conflict arising in the area were land and boundary-related saying that he was working with National Lands Commission(NLC)in solving the overlap of title deeds that has caused the conflicts between the neighbouring communities.