z Standard unveils Ramadhan Special pullout

Standard unveils Ramadhan Special pullout

The Islamic Holy month of Ramadhan is here, Muslims consider this month as one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar. Ramadhan is the fourth pillar of Islam among five.  It is obligatory for Muslims to fast during this month not just to abstain from food and drink it also includes abstaining from immoral acts.

The Standard Group PLC recognizes the importance of this Holy month to its Muslim stakeholders and it has created a unique platform for a product that will cater for Muslims across the country.

The Standard Newspaper will be publishing a special pullout every Friday themed RAMADHAN SPECIAL: A FAST OF MANY.

This product will particularly enhance coverage for the Muslim segment of our readers, viewers and customers. The product is an annual pullout magazine of four editions published every Friday where Muslims will learn more about fasting through articles that are written by renowned scholars, personalized stories of Muslims regarding issues that affect them, several activities by Muslims across the country, community projects, Eid celebrations that come at the conclusion of the Holy month of Ramadhan and so much more.

The pullout will also offer a unique platform where businessmen will have a halal opportunity to market and sell their products. The annual pullout will also answer some of the frequently asked questions by non-Muslims about Ramadhan and also demystifying the Islamic religion.

As we celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadhan, we offer our solidarity to our Muslim brothers and sisters as they fast and reflect.