z Save Our Elephants

Save Our Elephants

Standard Group through our flagship brand KTN, undertook an on air campaign “Hands Off Our Elephants” in conjunction with Wild Life Direct. KTN anchors wore black arm bands printed “Hands off our Elephants” on them and encouraged viewer interaction and participation in the campaign to save our majestic elephants.
There was a live production taking place at the Nairobi National park during the news bulletins at 7pm and 9pm. The story Save The Elephants ran during KTN Prime and our viewers actively engaged the government on social media platforms to stop the poaching menace that threatens our wildlife.

KTN News Anchor James Smart doing the news presentationn with his Hands off Our Elephants arm band

Kenya is now facing an unprecedented crisis as elephant populations have declined by 85% since the 1970s to just 30,000 today. The recent dramatic upsurge in killings is being fuelled largely by an upsurge in demand for ivory by foreign countries. Wild life direct started the campaign and one of the objectives is to drive awareness and educate viewers on the crisis by explaining the crisis at the beginning of each news bulletin, as KTN did, and articulating clear call to action by joining the movement on facebook at (handsoffourelephants) and twitter hashtag #handsoffourelephants.

Hands off our elephants is a 360 degree integrated communications campaign by Wild Life Direct and is targeted at a local and international audience. The campaign will be spearheaded by Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and features Kenya’s national heroes, celebrities and key influencers. Wild life direct wrote on their website “ We are pleased that the KTN News Anchors wore the Hands Off Our Elephants armbands in solidarity with the drive to Save Our Majestic Elephants”. The on air campaign ran for three days.