Busia government enjoined in suit crusading creation of factory

Bungoma, Kenya: The Bungoma High Court has accepted a request by the Busia County government to be enjoined in a suit championing for the construction of a sugar company in the area.

County government argue that they as an interested party to the case as the company will attract investors and that the welfare of the people comes first and that those opposing the construction are fighting development.

Delivering the ruling, Justice Samwel Mukunya said there was no prejudice in enjoining the county, Bukhayo council of elders and the Kenya sugarcane growers association as interested parties.

A resident, Joseph Ojwang’ moved to have the construction of the factory at Busibwabo stopped over claims that due process was not followed in the issuance of a licence by National Environment Management Authority.

Earlier, Justice Mukunya extended injunction halting the construction of a sugar company in Busia to December 9, 2014.

Justice Mukunya sitting at the Land and Environment court stated that the interim order had halted the construction of the sugar mills  so that three parties could be enjoined in the case.

He said that the interim orders filed on October 16 could not be extended more than once and asked all parties in the suit to present their documents.

They argue that with the construction of the factory there would be creation of jobs and that the county stands to generate more revenue from the same.

The court will deliver the ruling on December 17.