Uncle Ted: Will ex-girlfriend leak my explicit videos on social media?

Hi Uncle Ted, to be frank, when I hear of jilted lovers leaking sex video I get terrified to the core. Three weeks ago, I shot something similar on my phone while doing the nasty with a girl I met on Facebook. I shared the clip with her on WhatsApp but we broke up a week later. Is there any chance she can leak it on social Media?


First, let me congratulate you for filming yourself in a sex act for posterity. Contrary to what people say, I believe that Kenya will only become an industrialized nation when the youth and those not so young explore and exploit mobile phone technology and social media to make their humdrum existence more exciting. 

Second, I wouldn't worry too much about your film leaking, Pato. You don't strike me as rich, famous or a political or religious leader. Trust me, so long as you are an average Joe, Kenyans don't give a damn about your abilities or lack thereof in the sack. 

So if it leaks, they won't even remember it, or you, an hour later. But having noted that the video clip you mention elicited more excitement than the Al Shabaab attack, I would advise that you quit  your current job and become a full time porn star. There is a hungry market for that sort of thing here.