Rwandese musician Isacco banks on new video to share life experiences

Rwandese singer Murwanashyaka Nzabonimana popularly known as Isacco. [Jael Musumba, Standard]

Rwandese singer Murwanashyaka Nzabonimana popularly known as Isacco is banking on his latest video to share personal life experiences.

The newest single dubbed ‘On S’amuse’ meaning we are having fun is directed by renowned filmmaker Julien Bmjizzo.

The music video is a visual feast, adding an extra layer of depth to the song.

He said the music delves into his unique life experiences, offering a glimpse into his world.

“With a seamless fusion of captivating beats and heartfelt storytelling, the song is about my journey, filled with highs and lows,” the musician said.

Isacco told The Standard that despite the challenges, he persevered, maintaining a positive mindset to reach my goal.

“While the path wasn't easy, nothing is impossible with determination. Now, I celebrate my success, the key is to stay focused and work hard. There will be discouragement, skepticism, and loneliness, but this is where one must never give up,” he said.

He added, “Finding peace within yourself during such moments is gratifying, especially when you prove doubters wrong with unexpected achievements.”

He said he is currently working on his second album set to drop at the end of this year.

Isacco disclosed he spent over Sh2 million in making the video.

“Truthfully, the music video expenses were substantial. Flying Julien to France and covering all his costs, especially given his experience with top artists like Diamond Platnumz, was a significant investment,” said Isacco.

According to him, securing models for the shoot, renting the filming location, and managing the entire crew also added to the high costs.

“Despite my initial budget of Sh900,000 ($6000), unforeseen events led to a total expenditure of Sh2 million ($12500). However, I have no regrets as long as it translates into a quality production for my fans,” he said.

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