Selena Gomez handles her SAG awards fall like a pro

American singer Selena Gomez at the SAG awards (Photo: Courtesy)

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards red carpet was quite an eventful one, no doubt about that. While celebrities strutted down the red carpet while showing off their glamorous outfits, some took it upon themselves to debut as a couple for the very first time.

Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudgens, Kerry Washington were among the celebrities who topped the list for the best dressed.

One celebrity that however caught the world’s attention was Selena Gomez.  The American singer and actress suffered a fall at the awards after striking poses in her high heels.

The 29-year-old star looked drop dead gorgeous in a black gown with puffed sleeves which she accessorized with a chunky diamond necklace.

Selena fell and broke her black pointed heel on the red carpet (Photo: Courtesy)

The star tumbled on her knees while walking on the carpet to which she was lucky to get the attention of one of the security guards. While at it, she broke her black pointed pumps on the red carpet.

In true Selena fashion, she handled the situation like a pro. Rather than changing into another pair or repairing the heels that broke, Gomez seemingly went without shoes for the rest of the night.

She presented an award and walked onstage holding her skirt up. In doing so, she revealed that she still wasn't wearing shoes.

Classic move, right?

Sounds cliché but the question still remains, is it necessary for ladies to rock heels on the carpet? And if so, how should you walk in them to avoid fashion mishaps at an event?

How to walk with your heels on the red carpet (Photo: Courtesy)

Walk heel to toe not toe to heel

I cannot stress this enough. The easiest way to walk in heels is to put your heel down first followed by your toes. This makes your look appear more natural.

Take small steps

Take your time while walking in heels. Walking slowly gives off an air of confidence as opposed to walking fast. Normalize taking smaller steps.

Lean slightly back

Allow yourself to lean just the slightest bit back when walking in heels to avoid looking strange.

Visualize Yourself Walking in a Straight Line

When walking in heels, visualize a straight line going toward your endpoint, rather than looking down at your heels as you walk.

Arch Your Foot Slightly

Normalize putting pressure on the inside of your shoe. This makes it fit closer to your foot making it easier for you to move around easily.

Now that you know what to do when rocking heels to your next occasion, do you think you are up to the task? You decide.