Four administrators injured in raid on liqour den

Four administrators are nursing serious injuries sustained during a raid at an illicit brew den.

During an attempt to arrest the owner of the brew, an Assistant County Commissioner and three chiefs badly injured by rowdy youth.

The administrators led by the Assistant County Commissioner Steve Odeke had raided a chang'aa den in Munju Estate where they found a handful of patrons quenching their thirst.

According to Odeke, the brewer immediately alerted locals who turned up in large numbers and ejected the administrators.

"We have been trying to arrest the brewer for a while now. However, when we arrived at the den he made a phone call after which a crowd surrounded us," said Odeke.

The administrators attempt to arrest the suspect were thwarted after the youth turned on them.

"Despite being known to them as administrators and in our uniform, the suspect resisted arrest. He was backed up by the youth who were armed with crude weapons," said Odeke.

Seeing they were outnumbered, the administrators among them Chiefs Hassan Waweru, Josphat Chibini and Evans Machoka called for back up from the police.

The charged youth roughed up the four, allowing the suspect time to flee, leaving behind his equipment and tens of litres of the illicit liquors.

Police were met with resistance in their attempts to access the scene before they overpowered the youth and rescued the administrators.

Confirming the incident, Molo Deputy County Commissioner David Wanyonyi said the officials were rushed to hospital, treated and discharged hours later.

"The suspect is a known person and a manhunt has been launched. We won't relent on this fight. A section of the community appears to be sympathising with them, but law must be followed," said Wanyonyi.