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Three residents from a camp for internally displaced persons in Kuresoi North have reportedly died over the last one month from pneumonia.

Itare IDP camp chairman Simeon Kiprono said those most affected by the heavy rains were children and the elderly.

"We lost an elderly woman in February. This month, two children who were being treated for pneumonia died," he said. 

The area has at least 1,200 families who claim they were uprooted from their homes to pave the way for construction of the multi-billion-shilling Itare Dam.

Mr Kiprono said yesterday the IDPs were grappling with floods that had destroyed their tents and other property. Nancy Siele, a resident, said they were also exposed to the risk of waterborne diseases.

"Sometimes, the pit latrines get filled with rain water, which flows into the camp," she said.

"The fact that we don't also have enough toilets has worsened the situation. We are asking the authorities to intervene."