Limuru III: Kenya Kwanza and Opposition leaders trade barbs

Former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni, Narc Kenya leader Martha Karu and former governor Ndiritu Mureithi during Limuru III meeting at Jumuiya Conference in Kiambu. [George Njunge, Standard]

A cross-section of political leaders from both government and opposition have given mixed reactions over the Limuru III meeting that resolved to have retired President Uhuru Kenyatta remain political kingpin of the region.

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot said that tribal and divisive politics have no place in modern Kenya and that it was sad that leaders who have served as Cabinet Secretaries and Members of Parliament are convening a meeting ostensibly to discuss community interests.

Cheruiyot said Kenyans were not concerned about tribalism and that those leaders selling hatred among citizens should not be allowed to mislead their kinsmen saying that he believes in project Kenya where the entire country prosper together asking all elected leaders to unite the country.

“The politics being brought up by some leaders is archaic and retrogressive, how can leaders who have served in this country convene a meeting that is aimed at setting their community against others,

‘‘ I believe in project Kenya where we all prosper together,” said Cheruiyot.

The Kericho Senator said the debate about the Finance Bill was not genuine with some leaders out to defend the wealthy and that it was wrong for those who are able to pay taxes not willing to do so .

Cheruiyot said those vouching for tax exemption were about serving the interests of a few at the expense of the majority since this was aimed at benefitting a few individuals while millions of Kenyans were suffering asking citizens to rally around the tax proposals that were aimed to prosper the country.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwah said together with Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria they coined one-man, one-shilling, one-vote mantra which the former President took over and put it in Building Bridges Initiative when it gained currency in Mount Kenya region.

Ichungwah said counties with smaller population might be generating more taxes and that this debate does not require emotion but facts.

He said that it was wrong to assume that all residents of a particular county belong to one community since people from various counties reside away from their home county and that it would be wrong to assume only a particular community generates the highest amount of taxes.

“We cannot continue talking like some people own this country more than others.

‘‘ I am among those leaders who included Moses Kuria when we were in Tanga Tanga who coined the one-man, one-shilling, one-vote mantra before former President Uhuru Kenyatta included in the Building Bridges Initiative,” said Ichungwah.

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka said that the Limuru III meeting symbolises that Kenya Kwanza is collapsing after Mt Kenya residents discovered they are suffering  like other Kenyans.

Onyonka said that it was interesting that when the government was being formed Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua spoke about shareholders benefitting first.

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