Kisii Deputy Governor impeachment: Father, son narrate conflicting accounts

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda.[Sammy Omingo,Standard]

Kisii County Deputy Governor Robert Monda's impeachment hearing took an interesting turn as a father testified against his son, in favor of his long-term friend, Monda.

In his submission before Senate on Thursday, Joseph Misati denied allegations that he (the son) had given Sh800,000 to the Deputy Governor to secure a job.

Misati claimed that the money the son could be referring to was a refund that the DG had lent him.

On Wednesday while appearing before the Senate, Dennis Mokaya(the son), told the Senate that he gave his parents Sh800,000 to bribe Kisii Deputy Governor to secure a position as commercial manager at Gusii Water and Sanitation.

According to Mokaya, he had to sell his car to get the money. However, Monda (the DG) did not keep his end of the bargain.

“My wife was not in agreement that we sell our car, but because it was going to change our lives, she eventually agreed. When I didn’t get the job, she was devastated and even had a miscarriage, "Mokaya told Senators.

According to Mokaya, who is at odds with his parents over the issue, he had been warned not to file any formal complaints.

However, the father, Misati who also appeared before the Senate, claimed that the money his son claims was used to bribe the DG was remitted to repay his debt and only amounted to Sh500,000.

According to Misati, he was the one who instructed his son to transact the money to the Deputy Governor.

“The DG had given me Sh500,000 and that day he asked me if I was in a position to refund the money. From a joint account with my wife, I transferred the money to him. First, an installment of Sh 70,000 depisited three times and then Sh41,000 making it Sh251,000. As we were discussing, the DG told me he needed some money in cash. So I instructed my wife to send Sh250,000 to my son, Dennis, so that he can withdraw the money," said Misati.

Earlier, Mokaya had explained to the Senate how he sent the Deputy Governor Sh799,000 through M-Pesa.

The first tranche of Sh249,000 was sent in three tranches to the Deputy Governor's phone on May 28, 2023.

The second tranche was Sh250,000, also sent via Mpesa, and the final tranche was delivered to the DG in cash, a statement which contradicts the father’s.

Upset that his father was providing evidence to refute what he insisted was the truth, Mokaya said: "This is my entire life savings that I have lost; if my own father can choose friendship over the truth, so be it."

But, his father on the other hand insists that he told the truth and does not understand why his son would be making such allegations.

According to him, he was made aware of the bribe allegations by his son after the DG’s impeachment motion was filed.

Further, he was never aware that his son owned a car, let alone holding such a huge amount of money as he occasionally would send him money to support him.

According to Misati, he is defending the truth and not the Deputy Governor as insinuated by his son.

The two are among the witnesses involved in the hearing of Monda’s impeachment motion at the Senate.

The allegations are among the issues Kisii County MCAs are accusing Monda of, along with abuse of office.

The Deputy Governor will know his fate later today as senators are expected to vote against or in favor of the impeachment.

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