Female MPs raise concern over resurgence, and reactivation of criminal gangs

Over 40 Female Members of Parliament drawn from both Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio La Umoja Coalitions have raised concern over the resurgence and activation of illegal gangs in several parts of the country.

The legislators who addressed Journalists at Parliament buildings said that they are worried that Mungiki, Chinkororo, Al Shabab, 42 brothers, and Wakali Kwanza among others were being reactivated and that in the past they have been used to suppress the rights of women and children.

Dagoretti North MP Beatrice Elachi said that it was not lost on them that such groups have been used to suppress the rights of women and children by attacking and even killing them as the most vulnerable members of society, acting as human shields and collateral in their quest to create a wedge in society to their benefit.

“We appeal to our President William Ruto to intervene in this matter this is a matter of great national concern, those financing these groups should be investigated and arrested, if the security agencies do not do this, we shall soon name them in public,” said Elachi.

Thika Town MP Alice Nganga said that some of these illegal groups were propagating archaic practices of forced Female Genital Mutilation in many communities, sexual harassment and raping of women and girls at times before their family members leaving them traumatised for life.

Ng’ang’a said that the hostile takeover of Matatu routes through the intimidation and even killing of drivers and conductors in public transport, demanding bribes and certain kinds of work at construction sites, mindless violence and killing of innocent Kenyans in many communities.

 “Addiction of our youths with drugs and substance abuse thus leading to the wastage of entire generations of our children is a matter of concern, this resurgence of illegal groupings will lead to adverse effects on Women and children touching on social and economic aspects of their lives,” said Ng’ang’a.

Nominated Senator Miraj Abdullahi said that the proliferation of these illegal groups will provide a breeding ground for narcotics in the East Africa region as this is the route that such gangs benefit from by protecting drug peddlers that they do not want Kenya to be another drug-infested African country.

 Abdullahi said that the propaganda being spread against women leaders was also another worrying trend calling on the government to take action against these sects to dissuade Kenyans from joining them since they would cause anarchy in the country if they were allowed to prevail.

Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara called upon all the security apparatus to be highly alert of the activities of these gangs, especially during this festive season and the breakdown of infrastructure due to the El Nino emergency across many counties.

“Those planning and financing these activities should be investigated and arrested if this is not done by the security agencies, we shall soon name them in public,” said Kihara



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