Former Jubilee MP Hassan Osman wants source of Political Parties Funds investigated

Former Jubilee Nominated Member of Parliament Hassan Aden Osman. [File, Standard]

Former Nominated Member of Parliament Hassan Aden Osman is pushing for amendment of the Political Parties Act, to ensure proper usage of the Funds meant for political parties' operations.

This comes a fortnight after the Political Parties Liaison Committee made a presentation before the national dialogue committee at Bomas of Kenya, seeking to establish a Political Parties Fund.

PPLC argued that it is the best way to promote multi-partyism in the country.

In an interview on Spice FM on Monday, October 9 morning, Osman raised issues with the utilization of political parties' funds, as well as the source of the money.

Therefore, the former MP says political party funds must be investigated. He alleges that the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties is a 'graft haven'.

"Now to get to the heart of this matter of political parties and what they do with the money, political parties are only led by politicians in this country, the people who need us and setting the example of how best to disregard the law. So, if that is the tools by which they conduct their affairs and the affairs of those that represent how then do you think that when they get the money they are certainly going to be held responsible," Osman said.

The former lawmaker has also questioned the source of funds, for over 40 political parties that are not funded from the office of the Registrar of Political Parties.

"Out of the 90 out of the 90 political parties, only about 40 are not funded, okay. This is this election cycle out of 90 only 42 are not fully funded. Where do they get them to run the offices across the country? Pay the staff? who is this generous?" he poses a question.

Osman has also revealed that he has written to the ORPP, seeking to be furnished with information on the registered political parties and their location details.

However, he says that according to the data he was furnished with from the ORPP, some information provided was either not accurate or outdated.

For instance, he says that data from the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties show that Jubilee Party Headquarters are still in Pangani, Nairobi.

This was after the party shifted its party headquarters from Panagani almost six months ago.

"I have said earlier that at the end of the day after we get the records definitely it will be again a matter that will end up in court. We will prove that this party's over for flight and then we'll be asking for orders to the registrar political parties and the Attorney General on what actions to be taken against these parties to comply. Then it was very clear one final puzzle to deregister the parties after being informed by the registrar." He adds.

When asked whether he was acting on behalf of other people's political interests, the former lawmaker said, "I want I want the listener to analyze and be very objective in what I'm saying. Despite his thinking outside the box, don't go that way. Just analyze what I'm saying. And I'm doing it for the benefit of our nation. And for the benefit of our public."

A fortnight ago, the PPLC presented a memorandum on political parties before the National Dialogue Committee, seeking additional expenditure of public funds.

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