Youthful gubernatorial aspirant causes a stir in Kiambu politics

Eric Muturi Mungai gubernatorial aspirant for Kiambu County.

A youth's entry into Kiambu gubernatorial race has excited the political scene. 

Eric Muturi, 34, from Ruiru is marshalling the support of the youths and boda boda riders.

Addressing the Press at Jumuiya centre in Limuru today, Mr Muturi said that there comes a time when a generation has to step up and take responsibility for their future.

“We the young people must refuse to be used by politicians to cause mayhem, we refuse to be used to cause political mischief, we are no longer leaders for tomorrow but we are leaders for today,” he said

He took a swipe at Kiambu Governor James Nyoro saying that he was not elected but took over following the impeachment of former Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

“Nyoro was not elected by anyone, youths under his leadership have been left alone, we have no representation in his government and that is why I have presented myself for elections, we shall square it out with him and if the youths will turn up then I shall floor Nyoro in the morning, we are the majority,” Muturi said.

He pledged to address healthcare to end harambees for medical bills.

“I want us to save our mothers brothers and sisters from the pains of poor healthcare. We don’t want to see people flying out for treatment when the same can be done here. I shall be on record as a governor who has provided unmatched health care for all in the county,” Muturi said.

"I want a new beginning for the lowly and downtrodden, I want us to be recognized and be on the bargaining table in the government. We don’t have big family names with us nor fat accounts but our numbers as youths will propel us to the seats that we desire,” he added.

Eric Muturi is handed a stool as a sign of his leadership role among boda boda riders and the youth.  [George Njunge, Standard]

Muturi noted that the wisdom of the old should go hand in hand with the energy of the youths in all government sectors.

He pledged to appoint youths to his cabinet.

Muturi said his governorship bid is a youth movement and a revolution carrying the aborted dreams of the parents.

“Driven by the passion of our boda boda riders, the resilience of our farmers and frustrations plus the near exasperation of our youth and the cries of our mothers the youths must now take the charge of the country,” he said.

James Karani the chairman of boda boda operators in Kabuku, Limuru, pledged to rally the riders to support Muturi's bid.

Karani noted that the youths are often misused by politicians and it's time now to support one of their own.

“We want a leader who will revamp agriculture and market it as a source of livelihood. We want someone who will give us hope and secure jobs for us, we want someone who shares our interests and Muturi fits the bill,” he said.