From barrows to tractors, and the merits of starting early to finish race even earlier

Opposition leader Raila Odinga aka Baba has been touring the country in an extensive search for members for his party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). This is January, so I suspect this is his New Year’s resolution.

But January also implies folks are hard up, so I admire Baba’s deep pockets, assuming he’s funding his own travels.

Of course, the ODM has deep pockets, not just from their members’ subscriptions, but also from the Exchequer. Those funds are disbursed according to party representation in Parliament.

But the timing of this recruitment drive seems puzzling. Elections are still three and a half years away, so what’s the fuss about? Possibly two things: Prezzo Ruto campaigned for four straight years, so there is merit in politicking around the five-year cycle, and his template appears to have paid off.

But those who wish to replicate the Wheelbarrow movement must remember Prezzo Ruto was still serving as Deputy Prezzo, with all the perks and privileges that come with that office. Baba is the leader of opposition and he probably has some perks but he can’t access any of that until he retires.

Only that he won’t retire, not anytime soon anyway, and he’s not flaunting a new vehicle like the wheelbarrow that captured the imagination of youthful Kenyans yearning for change.

Maybe he should resurrect that Tinga of old; it’s an ancient contraption associated with toil, yet it’s more sophisticated than the wheelbarrow. Hopefully, he can ride on it without the absurd antics we saw displayed on barrows.

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