Season of eating grains in the name of the people

Kenya: The prices of oil and electricity have come down, but our taxes have not, neither have the food prices. And neither have the matatu fares.

The Government has been pleading with manufacturers to lower the prices of key food items such as unga and sugar, but the plea has been met with sceptical glances from industry players.

They loudly say they are yet to exhaust the stocks they made before cheaper energy was made available, and silently pray energy prices will go up again before the stocks are over. Privately, they say it is their turn to eat by making tidy profits on their investments.

But that’s not my problem. I am more interested in the source of the Government helplessness, when it is known to impose prices when necessary.

Conversely, it could announce measures to cushion the mwananchi from market dictates, as they did in 2008, by getting grains from farmers and milling it for hungry Kenyans.

We know who these are, and they do not include you and I; the truly hungry lot is the political elite with wide girths that need filling with public funds.

What’s surprising is that none of them has fully grasped the meaning of cheap energy yet; it means cheap money is waiting to be made, eating in the name of our people.