MCAs now plot Migori Speaker removal for delaying Obado ouster

A section of Migori MCAs is planning to replace Speaker Boaz Okoth (pictured) over claims he is frustrating the impeachment of Governor Okoth Obado.

The MCAs argue that Mr Obado's impeachment has taken longer than anticipated because the Speaker is angling to succeed him in 2022 and hopes to ride on his supporters.

The ward reps say the Speaker is applying delay tactics and could be the reason he claims his life is in danger after a recent raid on his home by goons.

Angry with the state of affairs, the MCAs now say they will replace the Speaker and his clique with loyal ODM members before tabling the impeachment Motion.

Nominated MCA Mary Odiga told The Standard vested interests in the governor's succession race were the reason the Speaker was playing ping pong on the impeachment matter.

"There is no way one can expect the Speaker, who is also campaigning to be governor, to be fair or preside over Obado's ouster and yet he wants to inherit his (Obado's) supporters. This is why he is also 'scaring' us in the House that his life is in danger to delay the matter," Ms Odiga claimed.

North Kanyamkago MCAs George Omamba said they would not allow vested interests to derail ODM's resolution to impeach Obado. "The way things are going, we will now impeach everyone against the party move. We can't afford to be disloyal to the ODM party," charged Mr Omamba.

The Speaker returned to the Assembly last week after being hospitalised at a Nairobi hospital.

However, he is back in hospital, leaving his deputy Mathews Chacha (Jubilee) to take charge of the Assembly proceedings.

This comes in the wake of divisions in the assembly, with some MCAs allied to Obado opposing his ouster. ODM, however, claims that 41 of the 57 MCAs want Obado impeached.

The party leadership has met delegates and MCAs in a bid to initiate the process.

The Standard could not independently ascertain claims that MPs Ochillo Ayacko, Tom Odege (Nyatike) and Paul Abuor (Rongo) were out to ensure the MCAs impeach Obado.