Public boycott Murang'a budget sessions

Governor Mwangi wa Iria administration has been told to itemise the estimates, to comply with requirement set by Controller of Budget.

There was low turn in Murang’a during public engagement in budget estimates for financial year 2019/2020.

At Murang’a social hall, there were less than 20 people who turned up for engagement on how the county government will spend Sh8,967,803,595  to fast track development projects, in the next financial year.

It was the same situation at Kangema social hall where less than 40 people attended the session.

MCAs accused the Assembly management of failing to do proper mobilisation.

In Maragua town, the exercise aborted as the public failed to attend.

In Murang’a town, the residents called for a simplified budget saying it was difficult for the majority to understand projects that will be  facilitated in the year.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria administration, they said, should itemise the estimates, to comply with requirement set by Controller of Budget (COB).

George Njehia said town dwellers were not interested in agriculture programmes, as they are presently faced with poor drainage systems and uncollected garbage.

“We are presently faced with challenges and the estimates have not singled on project that would help them garbage collection and poor workmanship of roads within estates, that we need them addressed,” said Njehia.

Laban Murugu accused the county government over failure to allocate funds to improve Municipal social hall, as water and electricity supplies were disconnected years ago, over none payment.

“This is a major failure that the social hall has been neglected yet it is one of the polling centre in Murang’a town,” said Murugu.

Murang’a Town Manager Mr Jeremiah Kamau used the forum to educate the participants of projects introduced by Municipality board, which include that garbage collection.

Kamau said in the budget millions of shillings a project will be facilitated to give Murang’a town a facelift, that will include planting of fruit trees and improving parking bays.

“For effective garbage collection, the government has partnered with a private company to collect refuse from residential plots twice a week at a fee,” said Kamau.

 He disclosed money to procure a garbage collection truck, was shelved early this year as it was diverted to education intervention programme.

In the estimates the county government projects to spend Sh10 million to conduct free medical clinics, and Sh38 million on development and management of sports facilities. Another Sh35 million has been set aside for installation of animal feeds production system in Maragua.

Another Sh30 million has been allocated to facilitate ECDE feeding and school milk programme, avocado upgrading programme Sh35million and Sh15 million  for artificial insemination.

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