Nairobi ranked top city to visit in 2024

Nairobi has been ranked the top city to visit in 2024.

It was ranked top by Lonely Planet which is a travel guide book publisher.

France’s Paris and Canada’s Montreal come in second and third respectively.

The company which has been in existence for 50 years was founded in Australia and has printed many books and magazines on travel.

At the same time, it has ranked Mongolia as the best country to visit in 2023.

India and Morocco come in second and third respectively.

The survey to pick the list is usually done through interviews, the current list was picked after interviewing over 200 experts on the most anticipated places and travel experiences in the coming year.

The experts evaluate thousands of suggestions to come up with the list which is normally released in November every year.

Here are the top 10 counties and cities to visit in 2024:


1. Nairobi, Kenya

2. Paris, France

3. Montreal, Canada

4. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Philadelphia, USA

6. Manaus, Brazil

7. Jakarta, Indonesia

8. Prague, The Czech Republic

9. Izmir, Turkey

10. Kansas City, Missouri



1. Mongolia

2. India

3. Morocco

4. Chile

5. Benin

6. Mexico

7. Uzbekistan

8. Pakistan

9. Croatia

10. Saint Lucia


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