Cartels at City Hall must be dismantled for capital to prosper, Igathe says

Nairobi governor aspirant Polycarp Igathe. [Collins Kweyu, Standard]

Nairobi governor aspirant Polycarp Igathe said Nairobi County is ailing due to a ring of cartel which hinders service delivery.

Igathe noted that despite efforts by the former regime to rid the menace, the monster has refused to go away.

Speaking during an engagement with Kenya Private Sector Alliance at a Nairobi Hotel, the Jubilee aspirant noted that if elected, it will be his first performance agreement to sign.

"Nairobi is a big organised criminal field that is filled with cartels. There's a need to declare corruption a state of emergency in Nairobi. I will strive to get Nairobi from the jaws of these organised criminals since if we allow this to continue, Nairobi alone is a threat to the entire country," he said.

Further, Igathe noted that Nairobi is ailing when residents vote in leaders who cannot drive the aspirations of its citizens.

"We have allowed people with low knowledge to control high fledged institutions in the City hence crippling service delivery. The work of a leader is to address solutions and not amplify problems. I’ll work within the framework of a performance agreement and score card," he added.

The former deputy city boss said it is time to unite the country in order to rid corruption that is draining not only the county but national coffers.

"Corruption has eaten us to the bone. Vote for us because we will change through three plausible outcomes - SEE (Society that is equitable, Economy that is improved and Environmental sustainability)," said Igathe.

Igathe said that he quit his post as deputy governor because he was being earning money unfairly. "I was drawing a salary for no work done and since I'm a performer, I resigned. We have to balance between public needs and private needs,’’ he said.

Igathe said it is prudent for employers to consider the low wage that has always affected the despaired workers.

Office of the Governor, Nairobi County. [Samson Wire, Standard]

"We have far too many companies that don't pay employees the minimum wage. We will give large, small, medium businesses an incentive through single permits. This is the only way to enforce the minimum wage," he said.

Kui Kariuki, KEPSA CEO, said, electing transformative leaders who embrace and exhibit values is a key component of leadership.

"It's time to make our city workable and tourist-friendly to transform it to greater heights. The next administration should strengthen availability of public health services by capacity-building and recruitment of staff to advance the health sector," she said.

Flora Mutahi, KEPSA Chairperson lauded the partnership that exists with the political class for a conducive working environment.

“We need to maintain a close-knit relationship with leaders to ensure the Public-Private Dialogue progresses beyond the election. Development model through Public Private Partnerships will be key in driving the economy of the county,” said Mutahi.

Bidco Chairman, Vimal Shah on his part asked the business community to weigh each aspirant and make a decision.

“Let us check and interrogate whoever is coming on board. We are looking for good leadership and accountable governance,” said Shah.