Businessman seeks Sh500m compensation



A businessman has sued the Government and is demanding Sh571.5 million compensation following the demolition of his house in Spring Valley, Nairobi.

Mr Mike Maina Kamau, who has named the Attorney General (AG) as respondent in the case, said the amount quoted was the market value for the property.

Through his lawyer, the businessman said Sh379 million will cater for special damages and Sh192 million for compensatory damages, in the form of the cost of building the house from May 2007 to July 2010 at the prevailing market rate of 16 per cent per annum.

He further wanted the court to declare he is entitled to the one-and-a-half hectares land.

In the documents filed in court, he argued that he was the registered owner entitled to that property and he had “expended substantial sums of money to construct an elaborate residential property in the form of an eight-bedroom palatial home.”

According to him, the palatial home was complete with several luxurious and high-end finishes and amenities including a gym, sauna, swimming pool, and club and barbeque area.


Kamau said the house cost him Sh299.3 million and the value of the land was Sh80 million.

In suit papers, he alleged that on July 14, 2010, Government officials under the supervision of Minister for Roads Franklin Bett wrongfully entered his compound and unlawfully demolished and destroyed his house causing him loss and anguish.

Construction of the house, he said began in May 2007, and by July 2010, it was almost complete and his architects and contractors were in the process of putting final fittings and handing it over to him.

He claimed at the time, he had and continues to have a valid Certificate of Title to the property, which was issued to him by the Government.

Kamau further claimed he had a 99-year lease from September 1,1990, and the annual rent for the land was Sh33,400.